"We work directly with our growers, factories, and our teams to source certified USDA organic, cold-pressed, virgin Coconut Oil from fair trade farms in both Thailand and the Philippines." - Conscious Coconut

"Davids is a premium natural toothpaste, made in California, with a focus on sustainability. We believe Davids is simply the highest quality and best natural toothpaste available....best for the environment, best for American jobs, best for your body, and best to safely and effectively fight to remove plaque, whiten teeth, and freshen breath." - Davids

"We source honest, fair trade, organic, vegan and raw ingredients from reputable suppliers and are thrilled to share the labors with other balm lovin' individuals." - Hurraw Balm
"Founded by a Holistic Multi-State Licensed Esthetician and International Beauty Therapist on PURE principles and philosophies."  -Morada Pure

"We created Ursa Major to provide a healthy and highly effective skin care solution that’s also a real pleasure to use – a robust, natural alternative to the bland, toxin-laden products that pervade today’s marketplace." - Ursa Major