Our Top 7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Routine!

Our Top 7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Routine!

Our Top 7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Routine!

Spring is finally upon us, and you know what that means: throwing open the windows, letting in some fresh air, and getting down to some serious spring cleaning! And just as you put away your jackets, organize your closet, and scrub down your kitchen, this is a great time of year to take a good hard look at your bathroom; namely, your bath, skincare, and beauty products.

If you’re anything like me, that may seem like a daunting task--I have an arsenal of soaps, lotions, masks, serums, gels, toners, cleansers, and so much more. But that’s even more reason to do a little spring cleaning and prune away expired or unused products and make your bathroom or vanity a less overwhelming place. This is a time of fresh starts, and if your kitchen, closet, and living room are getting the spring cleaning treatment, why not your beauty routine? I just did a full overhaul of my bathroom--including bath products, haircare tools, makeup, and skincare--and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I might have even had some fun with it! So put on that upbeat playlist (I love this one from Chilledcow on Spotify) or a favorite podcast (I’ve been listening to a Wonderful podcast for an instant mood-lift), and let’s get to it--here are our top seven tips to help make spring cleaning your beauty routine simple:

  1. Let it all hang out: I know it’s tempting to just pick up the products on your sink or vanity and just give it a wipe down, but try to go deeper: dredge up all those old products hiding in mirror cabinets, drawers, under the sink, or in the shower. Go through each of them one by one, and ask yourself: “Do I use this product regularly?” and  “Is this product expired, or so old that it has settled or separated, changed color, or changed the consistency?”
  2. Throw out old or expired products: After you’ve determined which products are expired or too old, toss them out! No one likes to feel wasteful, and I understand how hard it can be to throw away a product, especially if you really loved it or if there’s still a lot left in the bottle. But if it’s gotten too thick, too runny, changed color dramatically, or simply collected dust for too long, it’s okay to throw it away. This includes makeup, by the way; that crusted-over mascara, tiny eyeliner stub, or way-too-light foundation you never use aren’t doing you any favors hiding in the cabinet under the sink. You’ll feel so much lighter and cleaner after you’ve let them go!
  3. Become a Beauty Foster Mom: If you have other products that are in good shape but that you don’t like or never use, find a new home for them where they will be loved! Maybe you have a great clay mask that ended up being too drying for you--see if your friend with oily or combo skin wants to give it a try! That amazing serum that everyone raves about but that broke you out? Let your mom give it a spin! Those handmade bath salts that you’ve never touched because you just prefer showers? Make someone’s day with them. Trust me, it won’t be hard to give away beauty products as long as they’re still in good condition!
  4. Swap toxic ingredients for healthy, all-natural alternatives: This is a big one for us at Morada Pure: we want your bath, skincare, and beauty routine to be both fabulous and fresh. That means swapping out products with chemicals and toxic ingredients for all-natural alternatives. We know that making this switch is not only difficult but expensive--which is why spring cleaning is a great opportunity to swap out just one or two staple products for the cleaner, greener substitutes. This could be as simple as switching your conventional soap (full of detergents and harmful triclosan) for environmentally-friendly castile soap--a relatively inexpensive switch, especially considering the fact that you can use castile soap as a hand wash, body wash, face wash, household cleaner and more! Another easy and budget-friendly swap to make this spring is deodorant: try our deodorant detox and switch to an all-natural deodorant if you haven’t yet--it’s easier than it sounds, and your body (and our Earth) will thank you!
  5. Soak, Scrub, and Survey: After you’ve gotten rid of all the products that were cluttering up your bathroom, assess what’s left: see what skincare products & makeup you’re keeping and go ahead and clean them up! I’ve found that makeup products and vanity organizers get messy fast, so I like to give my makeup organizer and each of my products a little wipe-down with a good makeup removing wipe to keep them looking shiny & new. This is also a great time to scrub your sink, clean those countertops, get a new toothbrush, and wash your makeup brushes; give everything the spring cleaning treatment. Our Morada Pure castile soap makes an amazing spring cleaning bestie; I use it to scrub out my sink, clean my countertops, and cleanse my makeup brushes regularly!
  6. Lighten up: I know you saved your favorite pale winter foundation and heavy winter moisturizers from your spring cleaning, and for good reason--you love those products when the weather gets chilly and the sun goes away. But we’re inching towards summer now, so it’s the perfect time to swap out that heavy-duty moisturizer or thick oil for something a little lighter. Osea’s Atmosphere Protection Cream is an amazing lightweight moisturizer that protects skin from dry climates, wind & air pollution; a perfect choice for spring & summer months! Or, for a moisturizer with sun protection, you could try Ursa Major’s Force Field Daily Defense, a light unscented moisturizer with SPF 18 to protect against sun damage.
  7. Brighten up: Last but not least, spring is the ideal time to add a brightening serum to your skincare routine. After taking a break from heavy serums and oils, a brightening serum with vitamin C is the perfect thing to swap in to fight hyperpigmentation caused by the sun and give your skin that coveted glow. Ursa Major’s Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum is a great super-light choice that delivers potent vitamin C in a highly stable form to ensure maximum freshness and potency over time. Another great choice is Osea’s Brightening Serum--another ultra lightweight serum packed with radiance-enhancing plant extracts to give you an instant glow!

That’s it--not so bad, right? And it feels so amazing when you finish and can look at your sparkling clean bathroom or vanity and see only products you truly love. We hope you’re loving this beautiful time of year; it’s an amazing time to kick off the winter blues and start fresh!

Enjoy your spring cleaning, and after your done, maybe treat yourself to some fresh flowers or a bubble bath. After all, it’s only spring once a year! ♡


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