Our Spring Break Top 12 Green Beauty Must Haves & Post Trip Savers!

Our Spring Break Top 12 Green Beauty Must Haves & Post Trip Savers!

Our Spring Break Top 12 Green Beauty Must Haves

6 Essentials For Your Getaway & 6 Post Trip Skin Savers

Spring break season is here, and as Florida locals, we at Morada Pure are beyond excited to see so many new faces ready for some fun & sun! That being said, though, I think we all know the toll that spring break vacationing can take on our skin; with all that extra sun, humidity, and partying, you could end up needing a serious skin rescue when your trip is over. That’s why this week on the blog we’re going to dive into spring break skincare, split into two parts: on-trip necessities to pack with your bikinis, and post-trip skin saviors to get your skin back to a healthy place once you’re back home!

For Your Trip: Vacation Vitals All-Natural Essentials

Keeping up with a skincare & beauty routine on vacation can be tough, but some multipurpose all-natural staples can help! Here are the products that you should make some room in your suitcase for:

    1. Herbivore Botanicals After-Sun Soothing Aloe Mist
      You spent the day at the beach, and you were sure you got that spot on your shoulder with sunscreen, but now it’s evening and the burn has begun. Enter Herbivore’s After-Sun Aloe Mist, a relieving blend of soothing aloe, mint, and lavender to rescue sunburnt, irritated skin! Bonus: it smells like heaven and comes in a beautiful 8oz glass bottle that’s beyond Instagram-worthy. What’s not to love?
    2. Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes
      Makeup removing face wipes can be the real MVP of a night spent out drinking and partying, but conventional wipes have a whole mess of unnecessary chemical ingredients. When you get home and all you want is to collapse in bed, reach for Ursa Major’s all-natural Essential Face Wipes for a quick refresh first; your skin will thank you the next morning! These individually wrapped bamboo wipes work to cleanse, exfoliate, heal, and hydrate, all in one quick-and-easy step. A must-have for trips of all kinds!
    3. Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Sea Mist Texturizing Hair Spray
      If you want that beach-babe look without getting your hair wet--or without leaving your home at all--try Herbivore’s amazing hair mist, which comes in a gorgeous tropical Coconut scent or a soothing Lavender. With the same salinity of Pacific Ocean seawater (but a much lovelier smell), this spray will leave your locks perfectly wavy and tousled. Plus, it smells so good that you won’t need to bring perfume!
    4. Hurraw Lip Balm (with SPF 15)
      Even if you pack super light, you’re going to need a lip balm on your spring break, especially if you’re headed to the beach, where wind, sun, and salt will leave your skin and lips dry and chapped. This incredibly moisturizing lip balm by Hurraw makes an amazing vacation buddy with its vegan all-natural ingredients, not to mention its sun protection with SPF 15 to keep your lips soft and safe.
    5. All-Natural Deodorant You know you’ll need deodorant on a spring break trip, especially if you’re headed somewhere hot and humid like Florida! But do you know what’s in your conventional deodorant? You can read last week’s Deodorant Detox blog to find out--and trust us, after reading, you’ll want to make the switch to an all-natural deodorant if you haven’t already. We have a lot to choose from, but if you want a safe & easy suggestion, Meow Meow Tweet’s Grapefruit Deodorant Stick is a great choice for pretty much anyone (since it’s all natural, comes in convenient stick form, and is free of baking soda). Conserving toiletry space? Try the mini for the perfect travel-size companion!
    6. Morada Pure Liquid Castile Soap (2 oz) This could really be a blog post of its own, but good liquid castile soap is seriously the number one must-have toiletry item for travel in my book. Our 2 oz bottle is the perfect size to take with you while you’re on-the-go and can be worth its weight in gold on a trip where you don’t have room for a ton of products. For your backpacking trip, hiking vacay, yoga retreat, or any trip where you need a product that can work overtime, our soap is your best friend! Use it as an all-natural and effective hand wash, face wash, body wash, brush & sponge cleaner, fruit & veggie wash, laundry detergent, pet shampoo, and even toothpaste if you need to. It’s really that versatile. I can’t overstate how much use I get out of one 2 oz bottle of it while traveling! Lemongrass is my personal favorite, but you can choose from all our incredible scents both online and on-tap at our brick-and-mortar location. If you’re in the Tampa area for spring break, come visit us and try all our soaps to find the best one for you! 


Post-Trip Skin Salvation: Repairing Damage & Reviving Skin

I just returned from a little spring break vacation of my own, and I can speak from recent experience in saying just how badly my skin needed an intervention when I got back. Lack of sleep, indulgence in rich foods and a lot of alcohol, spending time in the sea & sun, and--my most grievous offense--passing out in full makeup--took a serious toll on my skin’s overall health and appearance. For me, that toll manifested as nasty breakouts and dull, tired skin, but for others, it may show up as dry, red, and/or irritated skin from all that time at the beach or in the ocean. So, for spring break skin suffering on both ends of the spectrum, here are some skin-saving products that will help ease your skin back to that healthy, glowy, hydrated & clear state:

  1. Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Milk Bath Got sunburnt skin? Give it a soothing soak with this incredible Coconut Milk Bath from Herbivore Botanicals. With tons of coconut milk powder, this soak will help hydrate and soften your skin when you’re back from vacation and need a pick-me-up. Plus, coconut milk powder packs anti-inflammatory benefits to help that sunburn heal faster! Soak your worries away and pretend you’re back on vacation for a little while...
  2. Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream Time spent out in the elements can take a real toll on both your skin’s appearance as well as its overall health on a deeper molecular level. Beach time and prolonged sun exposure burn skin, yes, but they also dry it out, deepening wrinkles & fine lines on the face. But with Golden Hour Recovery Cream, you can kiss dry skin goodbye--with powerful botanicals like sea buckthorn hydrate & protect skin at a deep level, calendula to soothe irritation, and sunflower to retain moisture, your skin will thank you! 
  3. Osea White Algae Mask When I get back from spring break, I usually feel exhausted--and my skin reflects that. For dull, tired skin or uneven skin tone, Osea’s White Algae Mask is my go-to; it leaves my skin looking visibly brightened and helps even out uneven tones and redness. If you’re like me, and you find yourself getting oily and breaking out more after a trip, you could even try multi-masking with one of Osea’s other algae masks, including Red Algae Mask for pore refining and Black Algae Mask for an intensive detox on problem areas. Just remember: if your skin is feeling sensitive or dry post-trip, a detoxifying mask may not be right for you! For fine lines, wrinkles, and dull uneven skin stick to the White Algae Mask.
  4. Osea Advanced Protection Cream Okay, maybe your skin isn’t a little dry, uneven, or wrinkly after your trip--maybe it’s a lot dry, uneven, and wrinkly. We’ve all been there. If you need a serious skin intervention when you get home, reach for this Advanced Protection Cream by Osea. This product is a powerhouse of highly active botanical ingredients, and is formulated for serious skin rescue; with avocado, grapeseed, and jojoba oils, you’ll feel your skin instantly nourished and hydrated. For a true skintervention, apply generously and leave on as an overnight mask to see the best results; fine lines and wrinkles diminished, skin hydrated and plumped, and hyperpigmentation reduced.
  5. Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator Toner If you’re planning to apply luxurious natural face creams and serums to your skin after your trip to bring it back to life, you’ll want to make sure you’re squeezing every drop for its maximum benefits--that’s where this Josh Rosebrook toner comes in. This is not your average toner; packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients and powerful antioxidants, this product prepares your skin after cleansing for maximum penetration of any moisturizers, face creams, and serums you apply afterward. Not to mention, on its own, this toner works to heal and repair dry, irritated skin--the perfect antidote to days spent in the sun!
  6. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Body Scrub When the sun and salt have left you with less than beach-worthy skin this body scrub will work its magic on getting that glow back. Plus it is made with coconut oil and what can’t coconut oil fix! Coco Rose body scrub looks as good as it smells and feels! Made with organic unrefined coconut oil, raw sugar, and beautiful rose oil making a deeply hydrating body treatment. Leaves your skin soft and hydrated with a light scent of coconut and rose petals. 

Remember: no amount of gorgeous natural products can protect you from overexposure to sun and dehydration, so I want to leave you with my two most vital spring break tips: use sunscreen regularly and stay hydrated! I know from experience how easy it is to forget about drinking water when you’re having fun in the sun or dancing the night away with your friends, as well as how tempting it is to forgo sunscreen, but no amount of post-trip skincare can make up for not taking care of yourself on vacation!

Lastly, we at Morada Pure want to wish you an amazing spring break, whether you’re going for an all-out beach & partying trip or a relaxing getaway under the palms! And if you’re headed to Tampa, stop in and visit us--we’d love to see you and chat about your vacay!


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