Brand Spotlight: The Beauty of Josh Rosebrook

Brand Spotlight: The Beauty of Josh Rosebrook

Brand Spotlight: The Beauty of Josh Rosebrook

From Humble Beginnings

When Josh Rosebrook was only ten years old, he opened his first salon; a hair-care boutique comprised of an old barber’s chair in a basement and a plethora of neighborhood kids desperate for a better ‘do. Josh gave these kids--his friends and peers--the haircuts and styles that they dreamed of but had always struggled to achieve, and he knew right away that he had a natural instinct.

A few years down the road, when he was a teenager, Josh became interested in skincare, and immediately noticed that there was an undeniable connection between natural ingredients and naturally healthy, beautiful skin. After he moved to L.A. and began working as a hairstylist, he began to create his own small-batch skincare products to use on himself. His clients took notice of the positive changes to his skin, and soon he was giving out samples, never intending to sell his products or grow a business out of them. But the results were undeniable; friends who had suffered with acne for years had seen drastic improvements to their skin, and as a result, to their self-image.

Josh realized that his friends and clients--as well as countless people everywhere--were being mislead by the bombardment of marketing messages put out by large corporate skincare & hair care companies. He knew he could help them with his products, guided by the philosophy that the best ingredients are the ones that are made by nature, and that the best quality products rarely come out of factories. And with this intention, Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care was created.

Guided By Synergy: The Natural Connection of People and Plants

Josh Rosebrook focuses on supplementing the natural healing and rejuvenating qualities of our skin with natural plant ingredients that match the skin’s structure at a molecular level. This “bio-match” can only be achieved through the purest organic ingredients; plant nutrients with properties so similar to those that make up our skin that they align naturally. Josh’s philosophy is one that is close to our hearts at Morada Pure; the philosophy that since our bodies are natural, the things we put on them should be natural too. Under this principle, Josh Rosebrook has hand-selected the highest quality pure plants and herbs, and creates all of their herbal infusions and plant extracts in-house from scratch.

In addition, Josh and his team have taken care to ensure that they source their quality ingredients through sustainable business practices. While finding the highest quality organic sources for their products, Josh Rosebrook hasn’t forgotten about sustainability; Fair Trade business practices and environmentalism are always kept in mind (and heart) when sourcing ingredients. The African Black Soap and Shea Butter that Josh sources, for instance, are Fair Trade Certified, meaning that customers can feel good about their products knowing that the workers and farmers who harvested their ingredients were treated and paid fairly under safe working conditions. Beyond that, the Fair Trade certification ensures that the environment is never exploited in the harvesting of ingredients, and that the workers are able to support and grow their communities with development funds. This focus on sustainable, natural plant ingredients makes every Josh Rosebrook product feel even better when you use it!

Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream


Is your skin suffering from the cold, dry air of winter? Enter Josh Rosebrook’s Vital Balm Cream. This crazy powerful balm is packed with natural moisturizers to give you the benefits of a breathable balm in conjunction with the absorption power of a luxe cream. Your skin will be soft and full all year round with organic Aloe Vera actives & oils alongside Indian Sienna Seed to retain moisture and repair dry, patchy areas of skin. Dry, dehydrated, and even sensitive skin will all see major benefits with the regular application of this incredible moisturizer!

Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Serum


Both of these standout Josh Rosebrook products are amazing on their own, but together they are at their best. Generally, when it comes to toners, people either love them or hate them--but the Hydrating Accelerator Toner is a toner of a different breed. This powerful product prepares the skin like no other for the maximum absorption and benefits of serums and moisturizers that you put on top. On its own, it delivers nutrients and helps hydrate the skin, but in conjunction with the Active Infusion Serum, you’ll see added benefits, because the toner prepares the skin to receive the maximum benefits from the serum! On top of that, the Active Infusion Serum has been recently updated for increased performance with the addition of Marula and Avocado oils along with a few other amazing skin-regenerating plant ingredients! Marula oil in particular is an amazing natural healer for the skin, and can penetrate skin deeply for maximum hydration, soothing, and healing benefits. For more on all the incredible properties of Marula oil, check out this article on Natural Living Ideas!

Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliant


Natural ingredients for our skin is amazing, but living ingredients are even better. Josh Rosebrook’s Facial Exfoliator is filled with active enzymes that eat away at dead skin, breaking down the dead skin cells that are clogging your pores and wasting space on your face! Using it to get your skin feeling like new again--and after a few weeks, you’ll notice smaller pores and more evenly toned and textured skin! And no skin type is excluded from reaping the rewards of this magic exfoliator--although normal, dry, and mature skin will see the best results!

There are many more wonderful, naturally effective products made by Josh and his dedicated team--Nutrient Day Cream and Complete Moisture Cleanse to name a few--in our shop, as well as hair care and fragrance products on Josh’s site for your perusal! We at Morada Pure can’t get enough of Josh Rosebrook’s incredible natural skincare!

We hope you all had a magical holiday season full of love and light, and wish you a very happy New Year!

With love,

Morada Pure

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