7 Amazing Uses for Castile Soap

7 Amazing Uses for Castile Soap

7 Amazing Uses for Castile Soap

A couple blog posts ago, we got into how awesome castile soap is, touching on its history, its benefits, what it’s made of, and why it’s so much better (for you, your home, your family, your pets, and the environment!) than regular soap. But I’ve got even more good news about castile soap for you this week: it’s a multipurpose powerhouse of versatility! There are nearly countless ways you can use your castile soap--people are finding more and more constantly--but here’s seven of my personal favorite uses for the world’s best all-natural soap miracle:

1. All-Natural Foaming Hand Wash

    All right, this one may seem obvious, but I can’t resist the opportunity to explain again how amazing castile soap is as a hand wash in every area of your home. When I made the switch (recently) from regular drugstore hand soap to Morada Pure Castile Soap, I fell in love with washing my hands. No joke. I used to dread washing my hands a little bit because I have such a tendency to get super-dry skin after washing, and I hated having to slather lotion all over my hands after every single wash. Now I don’t have to--because castile soap is made with all-natural ingredients, including nourishing plant oils, my hands don’t get dry after washing! The soap foams up beautifully, smells like heaven, and makes hand washing blissful again.

    2. All-Purpose Household Cleaner

      You don’t need 20 different bottles full of toxic chemicals and detergents to get your household surfaces sparkling; castile soap can do it all! And best of all--it’s incredibly easy to make. All you need is:

      • A spray bottle to put your cleaner in
      • 2 cups of water
      • 2 tablespoons-¼ cup of castile soap (depending on how “soapy” you want it)
      • A few drops of essential oil if the castile soap is scentless (if you’re using Morada Pure, you can skip this step! Our castile soap formulas are already perfectly scented with essential oils!)

      That’s it! Now you clean just about any surface in your home safely, naturally, and on a budget!

      3. Moisturizing Natural Body Wash

        Want to cut down on the product arsenal cluttering your shower? Castile soap is your friend. For an all-natural body wash that both cleans the skin and keeps it moisturized, try lathering up with your favorite essential oil-scented castile soap in the shower! It’s free of the antibacterial chemicals & detergents found in many soaps and body washes, and it’ll get you clean head to toe. Additionally, you can lather it up for a shave gel/foam hybrid, and even use it as a natural shampoo! The possibilities are endless.

        4. Pet Shampoo

        I recently had to give my kitten her first bath--a trying ordeal for any cat parent--and I was really wary of the pet shampoos I found at popular pet stores after looking at the ingredients, which included harsh detergents & synthetic fragrances. I was at a loss, though, because if I can’t trust pet shampoo for cleaning up my cat, what can I trust? Well, you won’t be surprised to learn the answer: castile soap! This all-natural cleaner will get your cats & dogs squeaky clean safely & effectively, without the use of chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Just be sure that you choose an unscented castile soap for your pets, as many essential oils are toxic to cats, and besides that the unscented varieties will be gentler on your pet’s fur and skin!

        5. Washing Fruits & Veggies

          When it comes to produce, I always try to purchase fresh & organic. That being said, sometimes I don’t know whether pesticides or other harmful chemicals have been used on my fruits & veggies, or I just want to get them extra-clean so I don’t have to worry! But it’s not easy to find a way to cleanse your produce with soap safely, since you don’t want to ingest any detergents, chemicals, or fragrances. That’s why I make a little produce wash with castile soap; all you need is a big bowl of water and one or two pumps of castile soap mixed up good, and you’re ready to go! Submerge your produce in the bowl and swish it around a bit, then rinse it off thoroughly. You’ll never have to worry about pesticides, chemicals, dirt, or debris on your fresh produce again!

          6. Plant Saver

            If you want to get rid of an unwanted infestation of aphids or mites in your garden or in your houseplants, look no further than castile soap & water. Now you can steer clear of harmful pesticides that endanger your pets & kids while still ridding your beloved plant babies of infestations! One tablespoon of castile soap per quart of water will make an easy and affordable solution that you can spray on infested areas until the pests are gone. Just remember to keep spraying everyday until the infestation has cleared, as the castile soap mixture is only effective on insects when wet. After it’s dried, I recommend spraying your plants with pure water to remove any excess soap residue that may have accumulated. 

            7. Makeup Brush & Sponge Cleaner

            Last but definitely not least: castile soap makes an incredible makeup brush cleanser. Like, truly incredible. I used to buy a special spray for removing the built-up makeup from my brushes, sponges, and beautyblenders, which was almost $10 a bottle (and the bottle was not big). On top of that, I had to use paper towels to wipe the brushes off after using the spray, since that was the recommended method for cleaning with it. Now I save money & environmental stress by simply washing my brushes at my bathroom sink with my Morada Pure Castile Soap! It has a way of penetrating the brush bristles & sponges deep and working all of the excess makeup out--it’s actually kind of unbelievable to watch the amount of foundation and blush that comes out of the brushes and sponges when cleansing. Best of all, the Morada Pure Lemongrass Castile Soap is one of my favorite smells ever, so my brushes and sponges are left smelling faintly of lemongrass and it makes my cleaning process way more pleasurable!


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